Internal Audit

The Scope of service is to Conduct Internal Audit and prepare Internal Audit Report.

Internal Control System Check and review

  • Vouching and Verification of all the transactions at ground level on Complete Check basis (Normally auditors while auditing vouch on test check basis).
  • Inventory Audit or physical verification of Stocks at certain intervals throughout the year.
  • Surprise check for cash and inventory on test check basis.
  • Maintenance of Cenvat Credit Register.
  • Quarterly Review of all Financial Statements.
  • Understanding the requirements of Top Level Management and assisting the Executive levels to prepare MIS required by the Top Levels.
  • Setting up timelines for all statutory Compliance and ensuring that due dates are not skipped by the organization and the compliance are complete way ahead of their Due Dates.

Maintenance of registers Minutes etc.

  • Maintenance of Fixed Asset registers, with particulars, no. of Fixed Assets, Date of purchase, Useful Life in terms of number of years, Depreciation rate and amount of depreciation as per rates described in Companies Act and Income tax Act.
  • Maintenance of Inventory register is essential, no specific format is specified but as per the business we can customize the register as per organizations need.
  • Maintenance of Contracts or arrangements under the provisions of Companies the Act, 2013. Herein all the transactions like of loan taken or granted as well as transaction value more than Five lacs are to be noted which are preapproved by Board in Board Meeting.
  • Maintenance of Minutes which includes all resolutions passed, issues discussed in the Board Meetings. Circulating Notice for Holding an Annual General meeting and adopting accounts, reviewing annual performance etc.